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How To Tips: Mapping Out Effective Ad Campaigns

When it comes to PPC campaigns, the first hurdle for many clients is navigating and learning the interfaces. This can be incredibly intimidating at first as they sort through bidding strategies, types of campaigns to choose from and everything from broad match to negative keywords. And then, slowly,… Continue Reading “How To Tips: Mapping Out Effective Ad Campaigns”

Tactics to Rebrand and Be Seen Differently

There is always a lot of buzz about personal branding, and a lot of the focus is on consistency. Apple as design, Walmart as low prices, Fedex as dependable delivery. People who have successfully branded themselves are also known for something specific. Martha Stewart for domesticity, Oprah Winfrey… Continue Reading “Tactics to Rebrand and Be Seen Differently”

Episode 2 – Deny Procrastination

This week in the Mental Heath Monday video we will talk about Procrastination… My biggest enemy!!!! Listen here:

Episode 1: Your Mouth Is Moving But…

5 body language tips for when you are making Short Videos, Advertisements, Shout Outs and V-logs

No Money? No Problem. 30 Low Budget Marketing Ideas for Your Business

If you want your business to grow, then you’re going to have to set aside both time and money to marketing. That’s not an issue when you’re an enterprise level business that has the resources to spend on marketing. These types of businesses may… Continue Reading “No Money? No Problem. 30 Low Budget Marketing Ideas for Your Business”