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9 Things Every Marketer Should Do

Being a marketer is a good profession, but it doesn’t mean it comes easy. Successful individuals always have one thing common—an empowering and self-asserting beginning to their work day. They know what they need to do for the day as soon as they wake… Continue Reading “9 Things Every Marketer Should Do”

Increase Your Brand’s Visibility – 7 Easy Tips

Back in the day, your brand was simple. A logo, some matching colors and a font or two and you were good to go. That is so last century. These days your brand also needs to tell your story. Customers are looking for ways… Continue Reading “Increase Your Brand’s Visibility – 7 Easy Tips”

How To Tips: Mapping Out Effective Ad Campaigns

When it comes to PPC campaigns, the first hurdle for many clients is navigating and learning the interfaces. This can be incredibly intimidating at first as they sort through bidding strategies, types of campaigns to choose from and everything from broad match to negative keywords. And then, slowly,… Continue Reading “How To Tips: Mapping Out Effective Ad Campaigns”